Pandemic Cycle - Where we are ?

Before we can start healing from a pandemic, we need to understand where we are in the cycle. Given lack of clean data available for multiple pandemic, especially on timing of severity of cases and demise, we start from reviewing the most prominent pandemic event 100 years ago where the data is available - Spanish Flu of 1918.

We will look at the 1918 flu pandemic in light of the Vedic astrological charts of 1918 /1919 and then compare with Vedic astrological charts of 2019/2020/2021 to identify 3 similar waves of pandemic to determine where we are in the cycle.

The analysis and summary below shows that we are at the start of the 2nd wave and the pandemic will last till April 2021, with destruction of both life and wealth. Hope and aim of this blog is to blunt the impact of the pandemic to loss of life and wealth.

Historical Perspective From Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

Three pandemic waves: weekly combined influenza and pneumonia mortality, United Kingdom, 1918–1919 [46]

When we look at the timing of events with 3 waves of the pandemic in conjunction with the Vedic astrological charts of the time, we see that the pandemic starts around short lived conjunction of Ketu and Jupiter (June 10, 1918 - Chart 1), then it flattens during the summer after Sun (a malefic) leaves Jupiter conjunction on July 15 1918, and re-ignites in the fall around Sep 21 with Mars aspect from Scorpio, with peak when Jupiter goes retro on Nov 3 (Chart 2) and continues till it receives Mars aspect from 7th house on Dec 11. The 3rd wave peaks when Jupiter goes direct on Mar 3rd 1919 and finishes when Mars 4th aspect to Jupiter finishes on April 5th 1919.

Why does this matter? 

Jupiter is the planet that in Vedic astrology represents both life and wealth, and when Jupiter gets under stress due to malefic's like Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Mars and Saturn, it destroys both wealth and life.

COVID -19: Current perspective and timing of events as per Vedic Astrology

Similar to 1918, the Coronavirus also started with the initiation of Jupiter and Ketu conjunction on Nov 5, 2019 (Chart 1). The development of the pandemic continued due to the prolonged conjunction with Ketu that will end on April 1 when Jupiter moves into Capricorn. Jupiter has continuously been under malefic influence of Ketu, Saturn and/or Mars which has resulted in constant loss of life and wealth. The wave 1 that started on Nov 5 2019 will conclude on Mar 23, with a 1 week reprieve between Mar 23 when Mars moves to Capricorn and when Jupiter moves to Capricorn on Mar 30 (Chart 5).

As wave 2 starts on Mar 30th, things are expected to get much worse due to Jupiter moving into its weakest (debilitated) position with exalted Mars (strongest position) and strong Saturn (in own house). Two strong malefic aspect on a very weak Jupiter would show a bad curse on the world and is expected to result in widespread loss of life and wealth. This wave is expected to continue until Jupiter goes retro on May 15 (Still under Saturn's influence that goes retro on May 11).

From May 15 to Sep 12 Jupiter will stay retro and move back to its own house with Ketu again. Thereafter, from Sep 12 to Sep 23, Jupiter will stay direct with Ketu, that may result in virus mutation before the 3rd wave of pandemic in fall around Nov 20 when Jupiter becomes debilitated again and moves in with Saturn in its own house with exalted Rahu's 9th aspect. This 3rd wave that starts when Jupiter goes direct on Sep 12, will pickup speed around Nov 20 and will last till Jupiter moves out of Capricorn in April 6 2021 (Chart 7).

Summary - Of the Analysis

Based on astrological comparisons, we are just ending the 1st wave of the pandemic and moving into the 2nd wave of the pandemic on Mar 30th, which is expected to be much worse and would peak around May 15th. The impact may continue at lower scale through summer into fall, and then the 3rd wave would start on Nov 20 and go on till April 6th 2021, at which point we hope to have herd immunity and medical remedies widely available. We will talk about blunting the impact and healing from pandemic in the next post.

Appendix: Supporting Vedic astrological charts

Chart 1: June 10, 1918 (Jupiter and Ketu Conjunction)

Chart 2: Nov 3, 1918 (Jupiter Goes Retro)

Chart 3: Nov 5, 2019 (Jupiter moves in with Ketu and Saturn)

The start of the COVID-2019 Pandemic

Chart 4: Mar 30, 2020 Jupiter (Debilitated) moves with strong malefics Mars (Exalted), Saturn (Own house)

Chart 5: May 15, 2020 - Jupiter and Saturn Goes Retro

Chart 6: Nov 20, 2020 - Jupiter goes in debilitation with Saturn (own house) on Nov 20, 2020.

Chart 7: April 5, 2021 - Jupiter moves out of debilitation and Saturn's direct aspect.


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