Life - Remedies for 2nd wave of the Pandemic

As discussed in the last blog post we are about to start the 2nd wave of the Pandemic on Mar 30th and the impact is expected to be humbling for the life. The world governments have already declared war on the pandemic, and it is time to join the governments in this war. As the governments will not win the war alone, we will have to work together with them to win it.

There is a delicate balance between saving life by segmenting the spread of the pandemic and saving the life by ensuring the necessities are met for those who need them. The risk is 3-4 weeks of isolation with no exercise, sunlight and fresh air will result in hunger and weakened immune system that will make more people susceptible to corona virus.

We need a miracle from lord himself, but can we let the lord inside us do the miracle through us, via natural remedies, social remedies and mystic/Vedic remedies. Only lord cures, the remedies described only help trigger the right response from us and our bodies. We will go into more detail on all the remedies as part of upcoming blog posts.

Base remedies from CDC and WHO

These remedies are widely circulated and mainly target washing/disinfecting hands, medical masks/gloves, self quarantine or social distancing. No problem cure available.

What we should do:

- Disinfect hands via washing or hand sanitizer
- Self quarantine
- Use masks/gloves while keeping social distance when we go out for essential services or social remedies described below

Natural remedies and cures for the masses 

Disinfecting - Direct Sunlight 

Sunlight is the biggest free natural disinfectant in the world and is able to destroy viruses it comes in contact with. This is a potent disinfectant and especially valuable where hand sanitizer, UV treatment and/or hand washing is unavailable.

What we can do:

- Shop essentials during the day
- Allow sunlight to fall on all shopped items 15-30 mins, and self (clothes and body parts like hands) front and back for 5-10 minutes
- Keep shipped items in sun for couple of hours, both in boxes and outside boxes prior to use

Homeopathic - Cure viral symptoms including breathing

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that is widely used in Europe and India has countless remedies to treat the viral symptoms of COVID-19. The form of medicine activates the bodies natural responses to fight the relevant pathogens as they start impacting. Chinium Ars and Chinium Sulph also treat malarial systems, similar to some experimental remedies considered by pharmaceuticals.

What we can do:

- Keep, use and share few notable remedies that tackles fever, cough, cold and breathing difficulties. Chinium Ars, Chinium Sulph, Arsenic Alb, Phosphorus.

Natural Remedy - Strengthen Immune System

Multi-Vitamins to strengthen immune system especially vitamin D which is also generated from exposure to Sun to give us a fighting chance.

What we can do:

- Get, eat, share a lot of multi-vitamin and vitamin D; including with people without resources.

Social Remedies - Let our divinity out

Divine Kitchen and medicine - Food and cures for the needy

Divine kitchen (like Gurudwara) serving packed and/or non-perishable food and cures (like homeopathy) to ensure poor and needy get access to food and cures and do not become weak and more susceptible to illness. If we can't go to divine kitchen due to lockdown, we can make our kitchen divine, or donate to divine kitchen to get rations for cooking.

What we can do:

- Use reusable masks, gloves and protective garb.
- Donate food, homeopathic remedies and service to divine kitchen.

Home Remedy - Homemade reusable masks, gloves and overalls

Everyone should use reusable masks, gloves (and overalls where possible) together with direct sunlight and washing to disinfect and reuse. We should work together socially to produce and share as many masks and gloves as possible. If everyone makes some then there will be no shortage. Everyone protecting themselves and others, is the best way to bring back normalcy and economy.

What we can do:

- Make / use /share masks and gloves with family and friends from recycled cloth due to shortage.
- Make / share homeopathic remedies from liquid to globules and provide to the poor and needy. 

Ayurvedic, Astrological and Mystic Remedies

Ayurvedic Kadha - Home made expectorant and germ killing drink 

Mix grounded clove, black pepper, ginger, tulsi and honey in hot water and drink piping hot.

What we can do:

Drink Kadha to remove infection at the onset and to reduce severity.

Vedic/Mayan/Egyptian/Aztec/Tibetian Remedy - Sun Gazing

Sun-gazing is a practice to gaze at sun during sunrise and sunset gradually increasing by 10 seconds each day and up to 30 minutes. The impact activates the body to gain energy directly from Sun and self repair by activating the relevant pathways.

What we can do:

- Do sun-gazing with in first 0-30 minutes of sunrise or last 15-30 minutes before sunset.
- Offer water and chant Sun Mantra (Om Suryaya Namaha)
- Purify thoughts and take blessings in with every breadth 
- Pray for body to be energized for a cure

Astrological Remedy - Rahu, Saturn, Mars and Sun

Since most of the impact in 2nd phase is coming from conjunction of Saturn, Mars with Jupiter and aspect of Rahu on Jupiter. The world will have to do remedies for all 3 planets. 

And pray to Sun god as Sun represents soul and government:
- To purify the soul and for soul to guide the body to the cure. 
- To inspire government to take the right actions to save life and wealth. 

If possible offer water, pray and do sun-gazing every morning. Since Sun (Surya) is in exaltation starting April 14, this will help

What we can do:

- Fast on Tuesday's (Mars) and Saturday's (Saturn & Rahu)
- Donate the food and remedy to the needy.
- Chant Om Namah Shivaya, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and Gayatri Mantra on Tuesday and Saturday
- Chant Om Suryaya Namah and Gayatri Mantra on Sunday's.


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