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Social Distancing - A delicate dance? Since, the advent of coronavirus, governments globally have aggressively instituted a number of social distancing norms, rules and curfews, which has reduced the spread (or R0) of Coronavirus. As the world surpass 1.2 million confirmed cases and millions more of untested cases, social distancing measures are expected to continue till collateral damage becomes unbearable, a cure is available or social / herd immunity is in sight. The coronavirus is not expected to disappear at the end of current wave, but is expected to come back in waves (via new hot pockets or relapse when conditions become conducive). Social distancing is a delicate dance of buying time, while mitigating damage to global economy, food security and collective immunity. Given the extent of spread, the basic ingredient for normalcy and disappearance of coronavirus 'fear' is to achieve global immunity after 60-70% recover from the virus. Any virus or other micr