Divine Fellowship - A dream to reduce collateral damage from war on COVID-19

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide earn their daily bread. In a global lockdown, especially in 3rd world hundreds of millions will not have basic food, medicines, care or ability to call help.

The plight of daily workers will not be just due to lack of government setting aside enough resources, but due to limitations in execution, vision and greed of intermediaries.

The ensuing destruction of economy, feeling of loss by elite and fear of unknown may keep these millions of daily workers unemployed for prolonged period after the lockdown ends.

The lockdown will deprive people of sunlight and air, two of the biggest natural disinfectants; and create conditions similar to cruise lockdowns where nearly everyone gets infected.

Lack of sunlight (Vitamin D, UV), food and activity will result in a population with weak immune system that is more susceptible to coronavirus when the lockdown ends.

The ensuing pain and fear can create social unrest and violence in many circumstances, as morality cannot be expected when health is compromised and stomachs are hungry.

So, can lockdown as a solution create worse problems than the original problem? Yes, in many scenarios, but how can we balance the conflicting demands of the problem that is coronavirus.

I believe, this problem can have a social solution that can work hand in hand with government, so essential services are provided during lockdown and thereafter, till economy regains footing.

I dream of a divine fellowship, where we all join hands (with social distancing 😉), and together we create a true solution to avoid collateral damage due to war on COVID-19. 

I will add more color in an upcoming blog post.


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