Social Distancing - A delicate dance? Since, the advent of coronavirus, governments globally have aggressively instituted a number of social distancing norms, rules and curfews, which has reduced the spread (or R0) of Coronavirus. As the world surpass 1.2 million confirmed cases and millions more of untested cases, social distancing measures are expected to continue till collateral damage becomes unbearable, a cure is available or social / herd immunity is in sight. The coronavirus is not expected to disappear at the end of current wave, but is expected to come back in waves (via new hot pockets or relapse when conditions become conducive). Social distancing is a delicate dance of buying time, while mitigating damage to global economy, food security and collective immunity. Given the extent of spread, the basic ingredient for normalcy and disappearance of coronavirus 'fear' is to achieve global immunity after 60-70% recover from the virus. Any virus or other micr
D ivine Fellowship - A dream to reduce collateral damage from war on COVID-19 Hundreds of millions of people worldwide earn their daily bread. In a global lockdown, especially in 3rd world hundreds of millions will not have basic food, medicines, care or ability to call help. The plight of daily workers will not be just due to lack of government setting aside enough resources, but due to limitations in execution, vision and greed of intermediaries. The ensuing destruction of economy, feeling of loss by elite and fear of unknown may keep these millions of daily workers unemployed for prolonged period after the lockdown ends. The lockdown will deprive people of sunlight and air, two of the biggest natural disinfectants; and create conditions similar to cruise lockdowns where nearly everyone gets infected. Lack of sunlight (Vitamin D, UV), food and activity will result in a population with weak immune system that is more susceptible to coronavirus when the lockdown ends. The
Life - Remedies for 2nd wave of the Pandemic As discussed in the last blog post we are about to start the 2nd wave of the Pandemic on Mar 30th and the impact is expected to be humbling for the life. The world governments have already declared war on the pandemic, and it is time to join the governments in this war. As the governments will not win the war alone, we will have to work together with them to win it. There is a delicate balance between saving life by segmenting the spread of the pandemic and saving the life by ensuring the necessities are met for those who need them. The risk is 3-4 weeks of isolation with no exercise, sunlight and fresh air will result in hunger and weakened immune system that will make more people susceptible to corona virus. We need a miracle from lord himself, but can we let the lord inside us do the miracle through us, via natural remedies, social remedies and mystic/Vedic remedies. Only lord cures, the remedies described only help trigger the r
Pandemic Cycle - Where we are ? Before we can start healing from a pandemic, we need to understand where we are in the cycle. Given lack of clean data available for multiple pandemic, especially on timing of severity of cases and demise, we start from reviewing the most prominent pandemic event 100 years ago where the data is available - Spanish Flu of 1918 . We will look at the 1918 flu pandemic in light of the Vedic astrological charts of 1918 /1919 and then compare with Vedic astrological charts of 2019/2020/2021 to identify 3 similar waves of pandemic to determine where we are in the cycle. The analysis and summary below shows that we are at the start of the 2nd wave and the pandemic will last till April 2021, with destruction of both life and wealth. Hope and aim of this blog is to blunt the impact of the pandemic to loss of life and wealth. Historical Perspective From Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 When we look at the timing of events with 3 waves of the pa